Millionaire Mind Jars System TeleClass

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Listen to this informative, complimentary TeleClass and learn how to set up your Jar Money Management System. The class answers the most frequently asked questions about the system and once downloaded, it can be listened to as often as you like.

Questions like…

  • How do I manage my credit card debt?
  • Is my RRSP or 401K part of my FFA?
  • How often do I spend my Play Account?
  • Can I set up my business(es) on the system?
  • Should my spouse and I have separate jars?
  • What passive income opportunities are there for my FFA Account?
  • Do I ever spend my FFA Account?
  • I’m a student with no income, how do I use the jars?
  • I’m living off my savings, how do I manage my money?
  • I have a large amount of income; do I split the whole thing up?
  • What if my full-time business is a passive-income business?

Can all be answered by listening to this class!
The time to start your jars/accounts is now!



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